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October 19, 2015

Signature Theater celebrates 25 years with their Signature Voices video series

Signature Voicesis an original video series that captures thehistory, artistry andpersonal moments that have taken place at Signature Theatre over the past quarter century.

Signature Voices features over 50 playwrights, directors, actors and designers sharing personal memories of working on Signature productions over the past 25 years. From backstage anecdotes to stories about season planning, casting sessions, and the rehearsal room, Signature Voices celebrates what has made Signature Theatre a singular company in the American theatre.

New videos will be posted every Friday, so check back soon for more stories!

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“The dramatic literature from every country, beginning with Greece, is our heritage. It is not to be read; it is to be seen on stage. Most Americans know little of it. This is our challenge, our duty, and our mission in life to bring live theatre to our city and country at a price which families can afford.”
-Tony Randall